Keep Praying!

29 Oct

Last week we had a good challenge to pray. For 10 minutes a day we were to pray for ministry. Our ministry, the churches ministry, all ministry that furthers the name of Christ Jesus. This week I handed out mints. If you weren’t at New Life yesterday, you are saying, “mints?”.

God has recently shown me the prayer of Jabez again. It become popular 10-12 years ago and many sermons and Bible studies centered around it. I really didn’t get involved with it at the time. I realize now that I wasn’t spiritually mature enough to embrace it at that time. Today I am. I have been praying the prayer multiple times a day now for eight days.

“Oh, that You would bless me indeed

and enlarge my territory

that Your hand would be with me

and that You would keep me from evil

that I will not cause pain”

The mints that were given out yesterday were in a sandwich bag with this verse in the bag as well. They are ment to be seeds. Daniel ordered 5000 mints(seeds), good tasting mints, that have our church logo on the wrapper. These mints aren’t for us. They are to be used as an evangelistic tool. So let me encourage you again, share the love of Christ with people who God brings into your life this week. Give them a mint, or just be Christ to them and reward yourself with a mint. I’m going to eat one now….. I will tell you why, tomorrow.

Questions to ponder:

-Is it selfish to pray, “bless me”? Why or why not.

-When Jabez prayed, “enlarge my territory”, was he asking for more land?

-What does it mean to you to pray for Gods hand to be with you?

-Have you ever prayed, “Keep me from evil”? We pray when we are tempted for strength to overcome. How is this prayer different?

-“That I may not cause pain”, How have people caused you pain in the past? How have you caused others pain?

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