Rudiger Yearick – Quarter Back

09 Jun

As many of you know I am a graduate of Liberty University and about as big of a Liberty Fan as there comes. But, for college sports fans this is a dead time of year. Basketballs over, baseballs over, and its almost 100 days to kick off of football (my personal favorite). However, for the avid fan this is a time when coaches hit the recruiting trail. And every once in a while one of those recruits will go ahead and make a commitment to come to a school.

About a month ago one such recruit committed to Liberty. He is a quarter back from a school in Indian Trail NC. He looks to be a good ball player. He was well ranked especially for a recruit for Liberty. One particularly interesting thing was that this young man committed to play starting in 2016. That’s right, he still has more than a year before he takes a collegiate snap and a senior high school season to play. Another interesting fact is that he got offers to a few other schools other than Liberty.
He got offered to play for Cornell, Harvard, and Yale. Yeh that’s right, he committed to Liberty instead of 3 Ivy League schools.
I mean I love Liberty University but I will be the first to tell you it ain’t no Ivy League.

The really telling thing, and the reason I am sharing this story with you, is his announcement of commitment. He said:
“I am very excited to announce that I have committed to play football at Liberty University. I am very thankful for the opportunity Liberty has given me and for people God has put in my life to help me get this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what God has planned for my future at Liberty!”

It seems that Rudiger has decided to play football at a school that honors Christ, and promotes Christ, while helping him strengthen his walk with Christ.

So why do I share this? Is it to brag about Liberty, well of course. But more importantly it is to ask: could you turn down a chance to go to an Ivy League school for a chance to honor God? Would you?

Am I saying you couldn’t honor God if you went to an Ivy League school? Certainly not. But what I am saying is that this young man made such a choice. He chose to give up what is regarded as one of the most desirable educations in the country to go to a school that honors Christ. Sometimes in life we have to make choices where one option might seem better for us but the other option brings more Glory to God. So which one will you choose?

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