To Whom….

23 Jun

To whom are you loyal? To whom are you patriotic?

There is a massive discussion happening in our nation right now. All over a simple flag. For some the flag (the battle flag of Northern Virginia, commonly known as the “rebel” flag) represents their southern heritage. For many it doesn’t even represent the civil war (from whence it finds it’s origins) but rather southern heritage and culture more generally. For others however, the flag whole heartedly represents the civil war and the many argued issues surrounding that conflict. The debate began largely over the flying of this flag in South Carolina at the state capital. As the debate has heated up many retailers have chosen not to sell the flag and manufactures have decided to stop producing the flag.

All this discussion of patriotism loyalty and heritage got me thinking about us as Christians. As Christians this perhaps isn’t a debate for us. It is a matter of what the flag represents to different people, and perspective and feelings are hot points of emotion in any debate. I will not give my two cents on the specific topic.

However, as Christians we must be loyal and patriotic to another nation before America or the South. We are part of the nation (kingdom) of God. We don’t seek what is best for anything other than that nation first. This isn’t to say that we can be Red blooded Americans and be patriotic. Of course you can and should. But God and his kingdom must come first.

For some people America is their God. “America first” and literally Condemn (insert “d” word here) all the rest. This can’t be the case with us Christians.

We are to be sacrificial lovers of people. Not divided over man made lines. God comes first for Christians.

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