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13 Jul

The picture you see above is of the 10-40 window. The 10-40 window is a section of the earth in Europe, Africa, and Asia between the 10th and 40th parallels north of the equator. The reason this area is significant is that it has the most un-reached people in the world. These areas have the least access to the message of Jesus of anywhere on the globe. This area is also home to many governments that formally or informally oppose Christianity. And by the way, roughly two-thirds of the worlds population lives in this area.

Missionary strategists have realized both the great need and opportunity in this area and many missions organizations have focused much effort on sending missionaries to this area and other initiatives to reach this area. If your were to total all the missionaries currently serving in this area now it would be some 40,000 missionaries.
However, there are 2 million non missionary Americans currently working in this area. If just 10% of those people were committed Christians that recognized that God’s call to spread the good news was for all believers, not just preachers and missionaries, then the missions force in the area of the globe, that is most un-reached with the gospel, would go from 40,000 to 240,00 and not a dime more would need to be spent.

The answer to growing the church or reaching the world is ultimately not more money, resources, leaders, or even people. The answer is for the ENTIRE church to start serving the Lord with our ENTIRE lives. If we were to do that then we really could change the world.

Check out this video to go deeper. Here

Click Here to Learn more about the 10-40 window.

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