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A Broken Cell Phone and God

I broke my cell phone this past week. I have a smart phone, nothing to fancy but I do use it quite a bit for work, and life. I would like to think that I am not one of those people that has to have a cell phone or that I am some how addicted or dependent. But regardless of how attached you maybe most of us have experienced the hassle of the need for a new cell phone. You have to try to save your contacts, pictures, podcasts, notes, ect. You have to pick the new one. Am I due an update, which should I get, do I stay with this carrier, how do I switch my number again? This is almost always followed by the dreaded facebook post “hey guys I got a new phone so shoot my your dets”. But the new cell phone is just one example of a much more common and acceptable problem. It doesn’t matter who we are we have all experienced those times in life when ever thing seems to get tossed up in the air by basically one problem. Maybe we are just super busy one week, or there is a death in the family, or we have to go out of town for work, or we are trying to decide what college to go to, or our kids are, or we are changing jobs, getting married, having a kid, sick or buying a new cell phone. Obviously these circumstances are not all equal in terms of impact or tragedy, but they do all tend to interrupt our lives, make us question things we never questioned before. These occurrences make us uneasy, anxious, and just feel weird. Life doesn’t stay the same, change is inevitable.  As the old saying goes the only thing you can be sure of are death and taxes. Many of us really struggle with this change, uneasiness, and uncertainty.

Well, that old saying isn’t completely true. You can be sure of at least one other thing…. God. I’m not saying that we always understand God or that in light of God we will always understand the change in our lives. What I am saying is that it is nice having at least one thing we know won’t change.

Malachi 3:6 reminds us of this:
For I, the LORD, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed.

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Mobilize and Educate

The church has typically educated then attempted to mobilize often with poor results in the mobilizing aspect. The Bible teaches that we are to mobilize and while people are in motion on mission active in living out their faith. We are then to educate in the process. Education after all is not a destination at some point in the distance. It isn’t that on day we will be educated, mature, discipled believers but rather that discipleship, that Christian maturing, is a continual process.

It is much easier to steer a moving vehicle then one that isn’t moving.

Jesus said I send you out as sheep unto wolves then I will give you what to say. Matthew 10:16-19

We don’t have to know everything in order to be effective in evangelism or reaching this world. What we have to do is be authentic and love people just as Jesus did. To provide a safe place for people to share their lives. Accept people as people who are loved by God yet struggle with sin, just like us. Jesus didn’t wait to teach everything he had to teach to his disciples before he sent them out. Jesus apparently sent then out in the middle of them being his disciples.There is a story of Jesus sending his disciples out and them coming back with a man who had a son with a demon. The demon wouldn’t come out for the disciple but it did when Jesus called it out. The disciples tried first then brought the man to Jesus when they couldn’t.

This is why being in a mentoring, discipleship relationship is important. Not because we need one on one education but because we need one to one discipleship, we need to have someone we can ask questions to as things happen, in the midst of struggles. This is why Life Groups are so important at New Life. It is a group of people to share struggles and triumphs with. A group of people who celebrate and support us and that we in turn do likewise.

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Sermon Notes

I’d like to share what I took away from last Sunday’s sermon. Daniel preached about the first three main themes as he began his overview of the first part of Ephesians.

The first main point is that we get to worship and praise the One True God. It is an awesome honor and freedom that we serve the God of all gods. Isaiah 45 states, ‘There is no other God besides Me, a just God and a Savior; There is none besides me”. God is eternal, immortal, wise, and to be one of His own and to bring honor and glory to Him is an awesome privilege, not a task. The second point is that a real spiritual world is all around us. We as Christians know this intellectually, yet we forget it as we live our daily lives. Ephesians 6 talks about our struggles aren’t against flesh and blood, rather against principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness. If God is for us, who can be against us? But, we must realize we are in a fight, not against your neighbor, but against Satan and his forces. “In Christ” was the third and biggest point Sunday for me. “In Christ” is a stupendous reality. Do you realize that: IN CHRIST

-you were given grace before the world was created

-you were chosen by God before creation

-you are loved with an inseparable love

-you are redeemed and forgiven of your sins

-you are justified before God

-you are a new creation

-you have been seated in heavenly places

-your promises are YES and AMEN

-you are being sanctified

-you have eternal life

In Christ is a wonderful truth. Union with Christ Jesus is the only ground of true joy, and it is free.

As we continue our study of Ephesians, let me invite you to look at our reading plan of this book. It seems like over kill to begin with, but as we continue to read and study this part of God’s word, I know we will be blessed in our daily lives and begin to see that all things good are “IN CHRIST”.

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Miss Life For Mosquitoes

As i lay in the hammock in Rebecca and my backyard I have a rolling corn field to my left a lovely green yard with a nice wooded area. The breeze is lite and the temperature is perfect. For a brief second in amoungst the strain of work, and family, and money, and everything else I thought “we got it pretty nice”. Then what do I hear? Buzzzzz smack. A stinking mosquito. And with just that my picturesque lay in the hammock becomes a typical Southern summer nightmare.
For some of you its not the mosquito but a young child yelling mom, or a boss on your case, or a parent in need. It’s I’m to busy, I’m to tired, I’m to lazy, I don’t care. Well maybe you aren’t thinking or saying the last two but this is what we are to often isn’t it? I just didn’t feel like doing that very thing I knew I should be doing.  And for most of us it isn’t as simple as a missed landscape but a missed direction from God or a missed opportunity for worship or service. Psalms 119:15 reminds us that the only way we stay committed through the constant distractions is by maintaining God and his glory as the center piece the focus of our lives.

“I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways”

God can’t simply be a portion of our lives but must be the center.
They say don’t miss the forest for the trees but I say don’t miss life for the mosquitoes.

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To 2013 and Beyond

I hope We are all Excited about the possibilities that 2013 holds for New Life. We have the opportunity the ability and command to reach our community for Christ the only question is do we have the motivation.

I truly pray that we will be a church that does: see those that have been turned off to God and hurt by the church included in to an active, equipping, biblical church community.

New Life needs your help. We are all in this together. We are all part of the body of Christ and even if only a small portion of the body isn’t working it impedes the whole thing. We all have gifts and abilities that God has given us to bring him glory, to impact the kingdom, and empower the body of Christ. We all have a circle of influence that God has given us to make a difference, and be a representative of Christ.

As we move ahead it is the desire of myself and the elders that we see 100% involvement in ministry. We can all do a small part in connecting people to people and people to God. We might can be a greeter, or a children’s church worker. Maybe you can lead a small group, or teach a class for spiritual growth. There is much to be done and much that can be done to bring the most glory to God. But it is not our desire at New Life just to see church involvement rise but rather to see ministry involvement rise. We desire church to happen whether it’s as individuals or as a group. We are all called to be God’s representatives. We are all called to discipleship, community, outreach, and worship in our own lives. The church is called to equip the body to do these purposes together, and as individuals.

As we look ahead to 2013 I would like to challenge you for two things.
First how can you get involved in New Life. There are many things you could do. See any of the elders or Daniel for some ideas.

The second is how can you represent Christ more or better in the coming year.



“Obama Triumphs” is the headline on USA Today. To be honest, I am a little disappointed I guess. But to be completely honest, It doesn’t really matter. Obama or Romney, they are both the same. The same? How can I say that? Same sex marriage, abortion, and many other issues are important to me, because they are important to God, but don’t fool yourself into thinking one candidate is any better than the next. The big wheel of politics is rolling and most, if not all, soften their stance on religious issues when in office. Men and women elected forget their roots and say and do what they think will win favor with the voters.

Now, with that, what are we to do? Pray! Pray and humble ourselves. God made a promise to the Israelite people in the Old Testament and it is still valid for us to pray today.

2 Chronicles 7:14

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

This Sunday at New Life we will conclude our sermon series on prayer. Let me encourage you to take prayer seriously.Come this Sunday to church. Come to God on your knees asking and believing. Ask for forgiveness of sin, for yourself and for our nation. Pray that the name above all names, Jesus, will be glorified regardless of who is in office.



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Capital or Community?

As many of you did I stayed up pretty late last night watching the election coverage. But I went to bed long before the results were in. And as many of you I looked this morning to see who had one. I know some of you are excited and others are disappointed. But allow me to begin by saying that I believe the church has no place in politics. God did not call us to change legislation. God did not call us to make our nation pass laws requiring people to live a moral life. If Jesus is our example for how we are time live then Jesus gave us no example that should lead us to believe that we should try to control Washington and Christ lived in Rome a much more pagan state then our own. Yet Christians still hold political rallies, and Christians still hold get out the vote campaigns.

My question is WHY? Is the word of God not your authority, guide-book, and direction? Then where do you see that in scripture? Are you worried about the detrimental state of our nation? Well then that is where the church has a major issue.

The detrimental state of our nation in regards to the Christian values, or lack there of, within our political system has been prevalent for a very long time. Though abortion is a hot button issue for social conservatives there are numerous other teachings in scripture that our country has flagrantly disregarded yet Christians have had little or no response to in the public arena.

To just point out a few: Our God speaks time and time again in scripture to be good stewards and to lay up an inheritance for our children yet our nation is 16 trillion dollars in debt. Our God calls us to live at peace with all men when at all possible and that little thing about “do not murder” yet our nation maintains troops in all corners of the globe, is fighting numerous wars, and entering new ones daily. Our God has called those that love him to bless Israel yet for multiple administrations (not just the most resent) of our country have sought “peace” for Israel by instructing them what to do, at times instructing them to give away some of their land. Our God calls marriage to be a holy institution and covenant before him. Our country believes they have a say in the matter.  Our country has no place in marriage whether Hetero– or Homo- it is a covenant with God.
I could go on but I believe I have made my point. If we desire for America to be a Christian nation there is a lot more to change then just the so-called “Social Issues”.

However, it is not voting or politicians, or policy, or governments that make America Christian or not, it is people, and commitments, and individuals, and culture. America was a Christian nation because its people were primarily Christian. That is no longer the case, and it hasn’t been for sometime now. And it will not be until the church wakes up and starts caring more about souls in their own neighborhood than they care about papers in Washington.

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